Rap news

Rappers Lil Pump and Lil Yachty are working together on a new project. Lil Yachty shared it on his Twitter and people directly shared it. The two had a very good year and are one of the fastest rising Hiphop stars at the moment. Both artist got a lot of children that really like to listen to them, this one of the biggest reasons that the rappers are now mainstream.
Lil Pump super hit “Gucci Gang”
A couple months ago Lil Pump surprised his fans with his new hit “Gucci Gang”. The song ranked up to more 70 million views. His song made it to the top 5 of Billboard Hot 200.
Cardi B on new magazine cover
Cardi B is on the cover of New Yorks Magazine, she shared on her Instagram. It will be in the store around 9pm. Cardi B got a lot of attention after her hit song “Bodak Yellow”. The song hit the number 1 position in the Billboard charts.
Wiz Khalifa gives opinion about “Lean”

The rapper is not shy to gives his opinion about something. This time it’s about people drinking “Lean” for the people t…

Rapper MHD

Mohamed Sylla was born on November 28 1994 in La Roche-sur-yon in Paris. The rapper got a well known after his Youtube series Afrotrap. Until now he made Aftrotrap 1-10 and many people really like the series. At first MHD was a delivery boy at a pizza place. He didn't like his job at all, that’s when he started making music. He shared his with his friends who thought he had a lot of talent.
MHD set clips online
The rapper started his own Youtube channel and threw his music clips online. He can be seen as the founder of the music genre Afrotrap. In his songs the rapper raps about soccer, love and respect, money, friends and life. When MHD was a little boy he used to play soccer and was very good in it too. His dream was becoming a professional soccer player, that did not work out but starting a  rap career was the right thing to do for MHD. He rapped about former soccer player Roger Milla who danced after every goal he scored. MHD likes to dance too and really looked up to the former…

Rapper Kaaris

Okou Armand Gnakouri was born on January 30, 1980, he was born in Ivory Coast but raised in France, in a neighborhood near Paris. The rapper varies his flows as he can make hardcore rap songs as club song as well. The year 2007 can be seen as the start of Kaaris his career. He dropped his first mixtape called “43 eme Bima”. Kaaris always looked up to the American rap game and especially to American rappers. Jay-Z is one of the best rappers if you asked it too Kaaris. 
Currently Kaaris is signed with record label AZ. His clips stand out because there are often very dark. American rapper recognized his talent in rapping and wanted to work with the French rapper. This resulted in him working together with Gucci Mane.
The Last Ten Years
Over the last decade rap became very popular quickly in France. Many young boys started to like rap music and started to practice their flows. Because of that the quality of the rap game rose to one of the best Hiphop countries nowadays. On the French tele…

French rappers PNL

PNL is one of the best and biggest Hiphop groups in France right now. There are from Algerian origin. The two rappers are brothers. They don’t see their mother anymore and their father was out the picture for a long time too, as he was sentenced in jail for 8 years.
Solo Career
First the French rapper had a solo career, it didn’t work out as expected. Not many people thought it was good and the views were disappointing. In 2015 the two rappers started working together and they released their debut album “Que La Famille”. This is their breakthrough in the rap game. Many people like there rapping and their use of auto tune. The rappers score hit after hit and got millions of views on their tracks. Many people really like the emotion in the songs of the young artists. Also they think that living follow the rules won’t get you far in life. They have a more radical way of thinking then most of the people.
Another rapper
PNL and SCH are comparable to each other. Their life remain a mystery for…

French rapper Gradur

Wanani Gradi Mariadi was born in France in Nord-Pas-de-Calais, he is a French rapper. His stage name is Gradur and is known for his own music series called Sheguey. The rapper is one of the most versatile artist at this moment, as he can make a dark trap song but also a very happy Hiphop song. His lyrics in his tracks are mostly sad and contain his criminal past and youth. More than 600 thousand people listen to the rapper every month, which is a lot. Over the years the rapper released a lot of songs such as: Sheguey 1-11, LaPeuf, On est pas tout seul, Me Ok, Oblah, Savastano, Voyous and Rosa. He is one of the most popular French rappers at this moment together with MHD. MHD and Gradur are good friends and appear often in each other video clips.
Gradur makes dark street songs which contain the criminal life in the banlieues of the big cities in France such as Paris and Marseilles. The most of the people who live there don’t have enough money to get around. Gradur also makes more happy …

Rapper NAV

Navraj Singh Goraya was born on November 3 1989 and is a Canadian rapper. Nav started as a producer in the Hiphop scene making beats under the name BeatsByNav or NAC BEATS. His Soundcloud page still exist with only instrumentals on there. He made quality beats such as: Bad Intentions, The Motive, Wifey, 3AM and Jealous.
Nav’s youth
Nav was born in Toronto but was raised in Rexdale a district of Ontario after his parents immigrated from Punjab, India. His mother worked as a computer manufacturer and his father as a forklift driver. Because Navraj listened so much to music everyday his mother gave him a Boom Box for Christmas. Many kids in his high school were making beats or music and Navraj started making beats at that time too. He became popular quickly at his school for his good beats and started to get a name in the underground scene of Toronto. He used Twitter as his platform to get in touch with bigger artist then himself and hooked up with them.
First rap track
One of Nav’s first…

New Hiphop or rap music

On November 1 Machine Gun Kelly dropped a new song called "Golden God". In the clip Machine Gun Kelly lays in his bed when he got a phone call of a friend who invite him for a swimming pool party. The rapper is partying and there are some short clips of a live performance of the artist. The song has already more then 1.2 million views. The beat is not a typical MGK beat but the song is surprisingly good and so think his fans.
Sevn Alias
Dutch rapper Sevn Alias dropped a new track together with singer Maan. The tracks is called “In Amsterdam”. The song goes about the rapper misses his girl and a relationship that is maybe not meant to be. Usually we don’t hear Maan on a rap/Hiphop track, so it was a nice surprise Sevn linked up with the singer from Utrecht, the Netherlands.
Rich The Kid
Rich The Kid worked together with Kendrick Lamar on there new track “New Freezer”. The clip has a one of the most beautiful visuals we ever saw. In the clip we see Rich The Kid show his expensive …